From Solar to Electric: Vehicle-to-Building Technology

vehicle-to-building technology | Coronet Mitsubishi blogPartnering with Hitachi and ENGIE, Mitsubishi recently developed a new use for electric car batteries as a power source for office buildings. This system allows a car to not only charge from a building, but also to discharge energy. It can even work with solar panels and external storage systems to provide greener energies to areas that don’t traditionally have access to alternative energy methods.

According to Mitsubishi, vehicle-to-building technology is anticipated to provide an important role in cutting carbon emissions, as it allows many companies to lower the cost of energy. Basically, some buildings that use solar panels provide more energy than they need at certain points in the day. Using the V2X charging system that Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and ENGIE created, electric cars can store that energy and discharge it when necessary.

“This project demonstrates how our IoT and digital capabilities can help customers make buildings energy-neutral, increasing their energy efficiency and reducing costs, by optimizing EV charging infrastructure,” said Ram Ramachander, Chief Digital Officer at Hitachi Europe. “Our technology can also help to create new business cases across the EV value chain, including vehicle to grid technology, which enables flexibility with their energy distribution”.

Each of the three companies plays an important role in this new charging system. Hitachi manufactures the V2X charging system, with allows for what’s called “Bi-Directional Charging.” ENGIE develops Smart Buildings with solar panels and other renewable energy sources, and Mitsubishi provides vehicles like the Outlander PHEV SUV to store extra power. Here at Coronet Mitsubishi, we’re excited about the role our vehicles are playing in this exciting new technology!

New Mitsubishi SUV in the Works

new Mitsubisishi SUV - Mitsubinshi Motors Logo Over the past decade, the Mitsubishi lineup has gone through some big changes. Currently, the lineup offers the Mirage in both hatchback and sedan forms and a handful of crossover models, including the new Eclipse Cross. Now, we have learned that a new Mitsubishi SUV may be in the works.

“Yes, that is one thing we are looking at. A new SUV,” Tsuneshiro Kunimoto, vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi design, told CarBuzz. “The SUV is still growing, also in China and Europe, so it [an SUV] would be a good decision for Mitsubishi.”

Many industry analysts speculate that this new SUV model could be a replacement for the beloved Montero or Montero Sport. It is also possible that any new model could share the same electrification platform as the current Outlander PHEV.

This new model announcement follows closely behind the announcement that Fred Diaz will become Mitsubishi North America’s new CEO. He previously worked to develop both the Ram truck line and Nissan Titan pickup. A new, rugged SUV would be right in his wheelhouse.

Development on the new model has already begun. While there is no release timeline as of yet, we hope to see the new model here at Coronet Mitsubishi within the next couple of years.

The New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is Both Stylish and Smart

new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - Coronet Mitsubishi Blog

In today’s bustling crossover and SUV market, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is making a name for itself thanks to its captivating duo of smart looks and innovative technology.

The style of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross enhances the elegant genetics of past generations. It has the dynamic athleticism of a coupe in addition to the durable appearance of a classic crossover. A wedge-shaped profile, strong character lines, and a forward-raked rear window add to its sporty attitude.

The design of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross isn’t just about looking pretty, though. It incorporates the game-changing DYNAMIC SHIELD front design concept, which highlights the safety-first mindset of the vehicle.

The interior of this Eclipse Cross is just as innovative as the exterior, introducing a new level of connectivity to the competitive field of in-car tech. A number of new technological elements inside the Eclipse Cross are designed specifically to assist drivers in maintaining awareness without sacrificing interactivity while behind the wheel, such as the Touchpad Controller, Heads-up Display, and Smartphone Link Display Audio System. In addition to these highly-connected, highly-aware features, drivers of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can enjoy full Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ integration for totally-simplified use of their smart devices.

Stop by Coronet Mitsubishi to test drive the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a smart, technologically advanced SUV designed to deliver a smart and stylish ride.

Infotainment Features You Should Be Aware of in the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

A compact and capable crossover that’s filled with safety tools and offered at an affordable price — what could be better? How about all of this plus a slew of connected technology features? Each of these desirable descriptions are true of the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which has the infotainment drivers need for journeys near and far.

Starting with the 2018 model year, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport now comes with a standard 7-inch touchscreen audio display in each of the four trim levels. The screen is the home of the standard rearview camera, one of many features designed to create a safer and more confident driving experience.

The two higher trims of the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander, the SE 2.4 and the SEL 2.4, come with a standard infotainment system, which delivers one of the fastest response times of its segment, beating competitors like the Honda HR-V with HondaLink.

This Mitsubishi infotainment system also comes with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. These systems make it simple for passengers to connect their smartphones with the touchscreen for safe and effortless calling, media access, and more.

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport really has a lot to offer for a low price. Learn more about this compact crossover by stopping by Coronet Mitsubishi.

Arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Might Be Just Around the Corner

 arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVWe’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, and it looks like that patience is about to pay off. Dealers across the United States are finally being told that they can expect the Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid crossover in their lots by February or March of 2018.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be the only all-wheel-drive, plug-in hybrid crossover at the approximately $35,000 price point. Already a best-seller in Europe, American admirers of the super-green, super-capable crossover will finally be able to take the wheel.

The minute the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hits the US market, it will become one of the most efficient SUVs available. This plug-in hybrid crossover has an all-electric range of 22 miles and 25 mpg with room for expansive improvement when the driver engages the available all-electric drive functions.*

If the arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is your “PHEV-rite” piece of news this week… you might just be an auto nerd (or a fan of bad puns). In either case, visit us at Coronet Mitsubishi to see our full line-up of powerful Mitsubishi models.


*EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.

New Mitsubishi Vehicles Set to Launch in the US: Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV

Two new Mitsubishi vehicles are set to launch in the US, the Eclipse Cross and the Outlander PHEV, which the automaker believes will spark growth thanks to a new business plan designed to support sustainable growth; focusing on SUVs and electric vehicles, Mitsubishi hopes to corner the SUV market with its extensive lineup.

new Mitsubishi vehiclesThe Eclipse Cross is an all-new compact crossover that fits between the small Outlander Sport and the mid-size Outlander. It will launch in late 2017 in Japan, and production will start in the US in December, with the Eclipse Cross hitting US showrooms early next year. Designed to echo the Mitsubishi Eclipse, a sports coupe that ended production in 2012, the Eclipse Cross is coupe-like, with a low, sporty stance.

Mitsubishi will also bring the Outlander PHEV to the US this month. The Outlander PHEV, a plug-in hybrid version of the popular Outlander SUV, has been available in Japan for several years but has never been offered in the US before. Hybrid versions of SUVs are hugely in demand in the current market because they bring together two things that top American drivers’ want — efficiency and space.

To find out more about the upcoming Mitsubishi vehicles the Eclipse Cross and the Outlander PHEV, call Coronet Mitsubishi.

New Outlander PHEV Finally Comes to U.S.

It’s been years since Mitsubishi debuted its best-selling Outlander nameplate, which became in other countries, one of the most innovative models in the SUV’s lineup. And, finally the automaker is bringing this innovation stateside. The new Outlander PHEV for 2018 will provide the American auto market with a unique plug-in hybrid option for consumers looking for an affordable, family-friendly SUV.

New Outlander PHEV - Coronet Mitsubishi - - Peru, IL

The industry, admittedly, now has a few plug-in hybrids among the SUV segment, but the Outlander beat all of them to the punch in other countries—and, of course, none of them are as affordable as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. In fact, most of them are in the luxury class, like Mercedes-Benz or BMW. It’s also the only PHEV with a DC fast charger, which can replenish fully in about four hours. It also features six different power regeneration modes you can select behind the wheel, and while the EPA hasn’t tested the Outlander yet, European numbers say you can get up to 33 mpg on the road.*


The new Outlander PHEV also provides plenty of flexibility and cargo space despite the placement of its battery pack, and there’s also plenty of driver assist safety systems packed into the 2018 model. Come see it for yourself when it launches at Coronet Mitsubishi.


*EU testing.

Mitsubishi to Unveil New Electric Crossover at Tokyo Auto Show

A few years ago, the Mitsubishinew electric crossover - Coronet Mitsubishi - Peru, IL Outlander and Outlander Sport took the crossover segment by storm and revitalized Mitsubishi’s sales strategy. The brand decided to totally overhaul their lineup and introduce several new entries to the SUV and CUV segment over the coming years. One of these entries will include a new electric crossover. This monthOctober of 2017 Mitsubishi plans on finally unveiling this electric crossover at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show.

The new crossover will go by the name of “e-Evolution,” a nod to the Lancer Evolution performance sedan that was finally retired recently after decades of being on the market. The e-Evolution concept reportedly will feature a “low-slung,” coupe-like design, as well as a powertrain that combines Mitsubishi’s sophisticated 4WD system with an electric motor. Additionally, Mitsubishi representatives hint, the e-Evolution will offer some kind of semi-autonomous driving feature, according to Writer Viknesh Vijayenthiran.

The Tokyo Auto Show won’t be open for public viewing until Oct. 25, at which point we will have access to much more information about the new electric crossover from Mitsubishi. However, the e-Evolution as we know it may experience some changes from the auto show concept to the production line. In the meantime, try checking out any of Mitsubishi’s other great crossovers, such as the famous Outlander Sport, here at Coronet Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Shortlisted for the 2017 Golden Steering Wheel Awards

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - Coronet Mitsubishi - Peru, IL

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is scheduled to be the next addition to the Japanese brand’s lineup. The new model brings a streamlined look and slots between the Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sport crossovers. The upcoming crossover will also feature top technologies. All of that and more resulted in it being shortlisted for the 2017 Golden Steering Wheel Awards.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - Coronet Mitsubishi - Peru, IL

Although its United Kingdom launch is still five months out, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been shortlisted in the Small SUV category. Votes can be cast by going to

The Golden Steering Wheel Awards point out the best new models among five popular categories. Once a vehicle is nominated, drivers are allowed to vote for their favorite. Vehicles that get the most votes become finalists and are then put through a rigorous test by judges from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The vehicle that performs the best takes the coveted award.

“The Eclipse Cross has generated a huge amount of interest and this nomination proves just how eagerly awaited it is as well as the impact it is destined to have on its segment,” said Lance Bradley, Managing Direct of Mitsubishi Motors in the United Kingdom.

We here at Coronet Mitsubishi of Peru can’t wait to see the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in person!

An Overview of 2017 Outlander Reviews

With tons of websites listing their reviews of the latest cars, it can be difficult to know what to believe. That’s why we at Coronet Mitsubishi have compiled some comments from the industry’s leading sources about the 2017 Outlander. This includes 2017 Outlander reviews from Edmunds, U.S. News & World Report, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend.

2017 Outlander Reviews - Coronet Mitsubishi

According to Edmunds, one of the best things about the 2017 Outlander is its impressive list of standard features. There’s no need to purchase extra upgrades and packages, as the standard features list is quite extensive. You’ll find standard three-row seating, automatic climate control to keep everyone comfortable, smartphone connectivity for extended media options, and a built-in backup camera for better safety.

U.S. News & World Report reviewers noted that the quiet cabin is perfect for families who enjoy a relaxing ride, while the high-quality interior materials will wrap you in comfort. U.S. News & World Report reviewers also commented that the standard three-row seating is an added perk, offering enough space for up to seven people.

The famed Car and Driver magazine made similar comments as Edmunds and U.S. News & World Report, but the reviewers also mentioned that the “handling is composed,” offering added control and stability even on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the affordable base price is notable, especially considering the extensive standard features.

Finally, Motor Trend reviewers commented on the minimalist interior design, a modern look that’s bound to set Mitsubishi apart from other brands. You’ll also enjoy the great fuel economy to help you save at the pump, and the roomy interior is perfect for cargo or added seating.

It can be hard to know if you want a car based on comments and reviews, and that’s one reason we encourage you to plan a test drive. You can see the Outlander’s comfort and styling in person, and you can also get a feel for the quality build and quiet cabin design.

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