Tips on How to Prolong the Life of Your Engine

You scrub it, detail it, wax it, and buff it every weekend, all in the spirit of love and appreciation. And yet you drive it all the time like you are being pursued by the bad guys.

You need to take care of your vehicle both inside and out. And that includes the way that you drive. Read on to learn how to prolong the life if your engine.

# 1 – HowStuffWorks recommends that you take it easy on your vehicle during its break-in period. Keep the RPMs in the lower range but make sure you are still hitting every gear. Try not to hit speeds of over 75 mph or RPMs of over 3500 for the first 500 miles.

# 2 – Try not to speed often. Speeding “forces your engine work harder by pumping and using more fuel, and forces the pistons and other moving parts to work at a higher speed than is optimal.” It also saves you fuel! Ideal speed is usually around 55 mph.

# 3 – Let your vehicle warm up on those cold days. Your battery has less charge on these kind of days and oil is thick. You don’t have to wait all day though. A good 30 seconds of idling and then easy driving for a few miles should do the trick.

Follow these tips and your pride and joy should live a long and healthy life!

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