Mitsubishi Technology is Changing Reception in Parking Garages

Have you ever been in a parking garage and been unable to use your phone? All that concrete and steel often make garages seem like a black hole as they block out reception. This isn’t a huge problem…unless you need to use the GPS or use a car locator app.

Mitsubishi recognizes how important it is for drivers to be able to access their phones functions such as the GPS. That’s why the automaker has created a new technology method to help drivers get better service in locations where they might not normally have reception.

This technology can pinpoint your location by using sound and Wi-Fi. The time it takes for the sound to reach positioning-capable Wi-Fi access points determines your location.

This will allow your GPS to be able to track you and help plan out your next route. No more waiting until you pull out of the parking garage to figure out directions. You also will no longer need to worry about losing your car, as the technology can be used to detect your car’s position and guide you.

This technology will be available for commercial use by April 2017. We at Coronet Mitsubishi are excited to see how this technology changes the way we view reception in parking garages!

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