What Your Car Color Says About You

There are all kinds of cars in all kinds of colors out there on the road. But what does your car color say about you?

White – White suggests that you have taste and elegance. And since it’s so hard to clean, it’s perfect for perfectionists.

Black – Black is the number one luxury color. So if you’re driving a black car, you probably like sophistication and power.

Gray – A gray car suggests that you’d rather blend in then stand out. Gray is more nondescript than other colors.

Red – Red is for go-getters. It represents confidence and action. If you have a red car, you probably enjoy showing off once in a while.

Blue – A blue car is practical and happy. It suggests that the blue car driver wants stability, truthfulness, and serenity.

Brown/Beige – The brown car driver wants value and a long life and doesn’t care so much about trends or fads.

Yellow/Gold – You’re probably very optimistic if you drive a yellow car. Yellow exudes joy and a positive attitude.

Green – You might be an environment lover. Or you might not care about following up on fashion trends.

Orange – Orange declares you’re comfortable with value and saving money.  

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