Scam Alert: Thieves Targeting Senior Citizens

One of the most recent scam and theft alerts put out by Peru police involves thieves targeting senior citizens. The scam plays out with two or more people. One person will knock on the door and try to draw the resident away for one reason or another. A second person will then enter the empty home and take money, jewelry, and identification papers. “These offenders often prey on the more vulnerable people in our communities. In both cases, the women were widows living alone. Our greatest concern is for the burglary to end in tragic violence,” said Peru Police Chief Doug Bernabei. “We are asking that people tell friends, family and neighbors to be vigilant and call 911 anytime someone thinks they see something out of the ordinary.”

The suspect is described by victims as a white male, five foot, eight inches tall, with a scruffy five o’clock shadow. He was wearing a dark hoodie, hood over his head, blue jeans, and work boots at the time of the reported incident. He spoke English with a middle European accent and smelled of cigarette smoke. If anyone approaches the door and attempts to draw you or an elderly neighbor from the residence, shut the door and call the local police immediately.

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