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Still in Discussion – The Mitsubishi ASX Evolution Hybrid Crossover

With the stellar 2014 sales year and the success of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the UK market, rumor has it that Mitsubishi’s achievements might provide more opportunities to develop a high-performance, hybrid ASX (known as the ‘Outlander Sport’ to those of us in the States) crossover that will don the company’s Evo Badge.

So what might the specs look like? Expect to see a hybrid powertrain with all-wheel-drive, finely tuned to maximize the power-to-weight ratio capable of 300-something horsepower with sleek styling cues from the XR PHEV II concept.

“Ultimately it all comes down to the financial case for it and whether the company has the resources to do it,” said Mitsubishi’s UK boss Lance Bradley. However, he also adds, “We’ve got a lot of senior management talking about it.”

But, of course, this is just conjecture. And even if it does come to fruition, there’s no guarantee of it crossing the pond to the States.

While we wait with baited breath for the Mitsubishi ASX Evolution hybrid crossover, be sure to come visit us at Coronet Mitsubishi to see all of the available hatchbacks, sedans, and crossovers available to you today!

Apple and Android Interface Coming to 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Infotainment Package

Mitsubishi has recently confirmed its plans to implement the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto operating systems on its 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero for European markets. The new formatted infotainment systems would allow users to simply plug in a smartphone and see menu options and formatting in the familiar Apple or Android interfaces. This would achieve a host of improvements including voice recognition, maps, music, and certain popular apps to the Mitsubishi Pajero Infotainment touchscreen’s display.


The Pajero is the European version of the Mitsubishi Montero, and although the infotainment systems are not yet listed as options in the US just yet, the rollout across the pond is a good sign that they’ll be forthcoming. Another update that seems inevitable is the next-generation Montero that will incorporate the design language of the Concept GC-PHEV into a production version. Expectations are high for both the updated Montero and the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto systems.


Keep in touch with us at Coronet Mitsubishi, and stop by to see the whole lineup of 2015 Mitsubishi cars and SUVs today.

Ally Financial Named Mitsubishi’s Preferred Financing Source

In an effort to offer its customers a wide variety of premium financial services and comprehensive offerings, Mitsubishi has named Ally Financial its preferred financing source, replacing Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America, Inc.

The agreement expands the relationship that Ally and Mitsubishi already have in place, making available all of Ally’s automotive financial products to both Mitsubishi dealers and their customers. These offerings include wholesale financing, retail and lease financing, and remarketing and insurance products. Additionally, as Mitsubishi’s preferred financing source, Ally will make available industry-leading training programs, customized marketing, and its Dealer Service Center to Mitsubishi dealers.

“Ally is committed to the success of our OEM and dealer relationships, and is continually looking for opportunities to strengthen those interactions with premium product offerings, best-in-class service and innovative ideas,” said Tim Russi, president of Auto Finance for Ally in a statement. “We are pleased that Mitsubishi Motors North America has chosen to place its trust in Ally to support its retail sales growth plans and improved customer experience.”

To learn more about Ally, and its suite of automotive financing options, visit

Here at Coronet of Peru, we look forward to having the tools necessary to better serve our customers. Stop by today to see our extensive lineup of exciting vehicles, and look for Ally Financial’s full suite of automotive products to be available next month!

Upcoming Events in Illinois Valley

After recently experiencing the wrath of devastating tornadoes, it’s time to look forward to happier days and times. There are some upcoming events in Illinois Valley that will help out surrounding families and also a time that the whole family can enjoy.

The National Letter Carriers: Stamp Out Hunger food drive will be happening this weekend. With the motto, “fill a bag, feed families,” it’s all about giving back to those around us who struggle with hunger. The event will benefit the Illinois Valley Food Pantry. If you want to participate, simply leave any non-perishable food items that you want to donate on your porch or near your mailbox tomorrow. If you have a post office box, you can drop off donations at the General Mail Facility in LaSalle.

The Illinois Valley Food Pantry serves 725 families each month and this food drive provides them with enough food to support each family throughout the summer. With kids on summer vacation, they don’t receive breakfast and lunch from school anymore, so the food drive is vital to make sure there’s enough to feed everyone. Items that are always needed include cereal, mac & cheese, canned fruits and veggies, soup, peanut butter, baby food and boxed potatoes.

Later this month will be the Easter Seals of LaSalle & Bureau Counties 35th Annual Celebration Telethon. It will take place on May 17th from noon to 4 p.m. at Skydive Chicago. It will be a fun afternoon filled with music, food, face painting, a magician, and games. It will also be a celebration for donors and volunteers who give their time, money and skills to support the children in LaSalle & Bureau Counties. If you want to join in and help support the children Easter Seals support, there will be an event called “Jump for Easter Seals” in which you volunteer to skydive.

The two events above are a great time to do something fun with your family, while giving back to the local community! If you want more upcoming events in Illinois Valley, click here.

Bowing Out Loud: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition

The Lancer Evo final edition is sad to see, but there have been some good times.

We bid a final farewell to this Mitsubishi monster.

It’s time to say goodbye to the beloved Mitsubishi monster we’ve come to know and love as the Lancer Evolution. Mitsubishi began taking orders in the Japanese market for the high performance sedan’s Final Edition. Currently listing at just over $33,000 (at current exchange rates), the Lancer Evo Final Edition is generating quite a bit of buzz stateside.

10 generations of the turbocharged all-wheel drive sedan have touched hearts around the world so it really is no surprise the Final Edition is drawing attention. The discontinuation marks Mitsubishi’s move into the SUV and crossover markets. While the automaker did debut a 480 hp Evo at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year, the Final Edition isn’t that powerful.

The Final Edition’s 2L turbocharged engine will rock sodium-filled exhaust valves for maximum output at high engine speeds. Expect a smoother ride if you do manage to get behind the wheel of a Final Edition model – Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs, and Brembo two-piece ventilated front brake discs will roll out on high performance tires.

Inside you can expect black leather with red stitching. On the center console you’ll find something special and limited to only the Final Edition. A plaque with the vehicle’s serial will serve as both identification and in memory of the Lancer Evolution.

There’s no word on when the United States will see open ordering for the Final Edition but you can expect the high performance sedan to bow out on all cylinders.

Mitsubishi Reveals Plan to Build Only New SUV Models from Now On

Mitsubishi is set to focus hard on new SUV models.

Get ready for more SUVs and fewer sedans from Mitsubishi.

The Mitsubishi brand has long made some of the world’s greatest sedans and SUVs, but now they are turning their full attention to the latter. Despite the popularity of vehicles like the Lancer EVO, Mitsubishi’s plan is to stop all production of sedans and focus solely on building new SUV models.

“There are two reasons for that [the production changes],” said Mitsubishi president Tetsuro Aikawa, speaking at the Geneva Motor Show. “One…is because, concerning the investment on development, we’d like to concentrate on SUV, PHEVs, and EVs.” It’s hard to argue with that logic—especially when the brand new Mitsubishi Outlander is so impressive.

“The second reason,” Aikawa continued, “is because sedan…is a very high competition at the moment.” In other words, Mitsubishi is going to let other brands beat themselves up over the sedan market, while they steadily build the most impressive and extensive range of SUVs in the world. We’ll see new models, PHEV and EV capability, new features, and who knows what else.

Here at Coronet of Peru, we’re excited to see what Mitsubishi comes up with in future years in the SUV segment. For now, though, if you really want a Lancer, there are no plans to stop production of the current model—they just won’t be making a new model. So come see us today to get yours before they are gone.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Debut Highlights New, Sculpted Design

It looks like Mitsubishi is talking the 2016 Outlander model out of this world. The Japanese carmaker recently unveiled the newest model of its popular crossover and it’s a beauty. With an all-new style and an unprecedented number of engineering and design improvements, the 2016 Outlander is sure to continue leading its segment in value, style, and safety.

“The 2016 Outlander has an eye-catching new design aesthetic inside and out, and with its long list of engineering upgrades, the new Outlander literally looks, drives, and feels like an entirely new vehicle, making it an even more compelling value than before,” said Don Swearingen, Mitsubishi Motors North America’s Executive Vice President. “Mitsubishi’s outstanding sales momentum is carrying into the new-year and with the arrival of the 2016 Outlander crossover we are well positioned to sustain our growth.”

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander debut provided the public with a look at the brand’s new front design concept, called the “Dynamic Shield.” This new feature is a more aggressive design approach than the previous Outlander’s styling, making the crossover an intimidating presence out on the road. Along with its new design, the Outlander also features a variety of design and engineering improvements, including a noise-isolating windshield and rear door glass, improved chassis, and new front end suspension.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2016 Outlander, contact Coronet of Peru today!

New Mitsubishi Montero Ready to Return as a 2017 Model

For two years now, we’ve been waiting for an official announcement that the GC-PHEV Concept vehicle, which first showed up at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, prefigured a return of the Mitsubishi Montero. Technically, that official confirmation has still not happened, but when the GC-PHEV showed up again at the Chicago Auto Show recently, it was hyped as “the return of a legend.” Reading between the lines, we’re pretty sure that “legend” is the Montero.

The new Mitsubishi Montero would be back on the market for the first time since 2006. This new version, while still wearing heavy camouflage in the recent spy photos captured, keeps the crazy cool look of the concept version. It also comes with an ultra-special powertrain: a 3.0-liter V6 and electric motor paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission and also powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

All of those pieces should combine for up to 335 horsepower. The car should also be able to go 25 miles on just its electric power, making it perfect for saving money and gas on short trips from home. While we don’t officially know if this is the new Montero, we do know we can expect this legend to return as a 2017 model, so keep up with us on the blog for more updates. Come see us at Coronet of Peru to learn more today!

Mitsubishi Outlander Design Language to Change in 2016

Mitsubishi is scheduled to reveal its new 2016 Outlander model at the New York International Auto Show this week, and it will be the first vehicle to show off the auto company’s latest “design language.”

Concerning that language, a Mitsubishi spokesperson said that the design changes will be reflected in not only “the face of the vehicle, but also a philosophical change” will have occurred.

No specific details were given about the design change, but Mitsubishi did say in a statement that the 2016 Outlander would have more than 100 engineering and design upgrades, in addition to the cosmetic improvements.

Once the 2016 Outlander gets its debut, there will surely be many photos of the full vehicle online, but until then, Mitsubishi has released two official teaser photos of the model to hold us over. You can check them out here.

Are you looking forward to the Mitsubishi Outlander design language change? Let us know in the comments.

Mitsubishi UK Joins Go Ultra Low Campaign

In the UK, Go Ultra Low is a campaign to raise awareness about ultra-low emission vehicles, otherwise known as ULEVs. As they say on their website, ULEVs are cars that produce “75g or less of CO2 per kilometre from the tailpipe.” Operating as a partial-subsidy, the Go Ultra Low campaign cuts the equivalent of $7300 dollars off the price of automobiles in the program (and also saves London commuters the $17 daily congestion charge).

The program features 20 different electric and hybrid vehicles from various automakers. They range from subcompact to SUVs. By the end of this year, “every major car company will be selling vehicles with electric power.”

It’s just been announced that Mitsubishi UK has thrown in with the campaign, joining six other major automakers. Now one of the models offered in the campaign is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which CarScoops describes as “the world’s first 4×4 plug-in hybrid SUV.” Good to see Mitsubishi joining such a powerful campaign.

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