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Best Places to Experience Nature Near Peru, Illinois

We at Coronet Mitsubishi love living in an area where both nature and city are easily accessible. We are particularly fond of the bountiful areas of nature near Peru, Illinois. If you are interested in exploring some of nature, here are some of our favorite places.

Starved Rock State Park – Voted the number one attraction in Illinois, which you will agree with upon the moment you drive through the winding trees. There are 13 miles of trails, and many activities along the Illinois River.

Matthiessen State Park – Streams, prairies, forests, and canyons are all found in this park located in central LaSalle County. This park is great for recreation, as well as for people interested in geology due to the beautiful rock formations.

Pecumsaugan Creek – This area has beautiful dolomite cliffs, prairie, and upland forest. This preserve is known for the abandoned limestone mine, variety of habitats, and threatened plant species. Visitors are not allowed without a permit, but many features can be seen from the I&M Canal towpath.

Blackball Mines Nature Preserve – This is the limestone mine in Pecumsaugan Creek, which is one of the largest bat hibernacula in Illinois. Five bat species are known to use the mines, including the federally endangered Indian bat.

Buffalo Rock State Park – This park is located on a former island of the Illinois River, and is now a majestic bluff on the north bank. This bluff now features areas for hiking and picnicking.

We hope you get a chance to visit and/or view the magnificent areas of nature near Peru. If you are looking for the perfect vehicle to get you around the city and beyond, visit us at Coronet Mitsubishi.

How to Test Drive a Car

Taking a car for a test drive tells you more about the mechanics than simply opening up the hood. Knowing what to look and listen for can make all the difference between buying a quality car and a lemon. When you test drive a car, you’re test driving what you could be riding in for years to come. Not sure what to look for on a test drive? Take these tips from us here at Coronet Mitsubishi!

  1. Make sure to check out what’s under the hood before you get behind the wheel and turn the key. If anything looks out of place or there’s a significant amount of dirt and grime, tell the dealer. Check the tires to make sure the tread is wearing evenly. Last, but not least, play with all the electronics before putting the car in drive.
  2. Once you’re behind the wheel and on the road, it’s time to pay attention. If the engine seems to be whining or the pedals are vibrating abnormally, it’s a sign to pass on the car. Make sure you’re comfortable and the ride is smooth. If you aren’t comfortable then you won’t want to drive this car for years to come.
  3. Think it over after your test drive. Reexamine the good and the bad. If the bad outweighs the good, or you can’t live with the bad, call the dealer and tell them you’ll pass.

De Beck Accomplishes Mitsubishi Double Diamond

James De Beck of Coronet of Peru, 3705 Frontage Road Peru, has earned Double Diamond Status with Mitsubishi Motor Company.

“This is a really big deal,” said General Manager Ken Credi. “James is the only Sales Professional at Bill Walsh Automotive Group that has achieved this Double Diamond Status.”

De Beck said achieving the status is the culmination of not only years of being certified Mitsubishi sales professional, but dealer support and dedication to completing classes. He has taken numerous exams that include product certifications and certification on customer satisfaction.

Bill Walsh Jr stressed that this is an extraordinary achievement. “We are proud of James. The main key to this certification is the customer satisfaction aspect. James provides top notch service to his customers and his product knowledge on Mitsubishi’s is second to none.”

De Beck joined the sales department at Coronet of Peru three and one half years ago. “I have always enjoyed talking to people.” According to De Beck, “it’s all about treating people right.” This Double Diamond Status from Mitsubishi is truly based on two standards, great customer service and great product knowledge. “I am honored to have the support of my sales manager, (Harold Dzierzynski) and general Manager (Ken Credi),” said De Beck.

How to Handle Winter Driving Conditions

Here in Illinois, our winters are nothing to shrug off. This can be especially true if you frequently find yourself on the road with treacherous conditions. Here are a few tips to help you survive the season of inclement winter driving conditions.

  • Stay home. When the weather is particularly dangerous, stay home, if possible. If you do decide to head out and wind up off the road, the best case scenario is that you will be late, but the outcome could be much worse.
  • Get snow tires. The easiest way to give you car some extra staying power on the road is by equipping all four wheels with snow tires. These tires are designed to stay soft even under frigid temperatures and can cut through the snow and lush with their deep tread.
  • Use ESC. All cars model year 2012 and newer are automatically equipped with Electronic Stability Control. If you are shopping for an older used car, make sure it has ESC.
  • Remember your car’s limits. Just because your car has all-wheel drive, that doesn’t mean you are invincible in the snow. Yes, it does give you extra traction and will help you go, but when you need to stop, it won’t do anything extra.

What tips would you share for driving in the snow?

Winter Beverages to Enjoy

During the Christmas season, there are a lot of delicious dishes and seasonal sweets. However, there are plenty of flavors to be found in these winter beverages to enjoy as well!

  1. Hot Cocoa

Nothing warms you up on cold day better than a glass of hot cocoa. Be sure to add a heaping helping of marshmallows on top!

  1. Eggnog

You can’t have a Christmas celebration without eggnog! Be it the alcoholic or non-alcoholic version, this drink is always a holiday hit!

  1. Apple Cider

Speaking of drinks that are good with or without alcohol, this fall favorite transitions quite nicely over to Christmas and the winter season.

  1. Gingerbread Latte

Nothing will help you get through a long night of holiday preparations like a seasonal gingerbread latte acting as your coffee fix.

  1. Milk

Be it skim, whole, or anywhere in between, nothing goes better with a plate of delicious Christmas cookies like a glass of good old fashioned milk. Just ask Santa!

Getting Ready for Winter: Things to Keep in Your Car in Winter

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s more important than ever to have your car well stocked for emergency situations and easier driving. Gather up some of these things to keep in your car in winter now so that you won’t be unprepared when surprise inclement weather hits!

First, keep something heavy in your trunk to keep your car steadier on icy roads and in wind, especially if you have a small, light vehicle. It won’t help your fuel efficiency, but not crashing is more important.

One of the most common suggestions we see pop up is keeping a charged cell phone in your car for emergencies in case your phone dies. Buying a cheap flip phone and putting some minutes on it is shockingly affordable, and it can really save you in the long run.

You should also keep lots of warm blankets and a spare change of winter clothes in the car in case you end up on the side of the road and have to spend the night without heat. Stock up with the usual essentials like flares, a first-aid kit, and a flashlight, and you should be okay.

Best Midwest Fall Road Trip Destinations

The Midwest simply comes alive with color in the fall. Though you can go almost anywhere and get a taste, here are few of the best fall road trip destinations!

Arts Road 46

Running from Bloomington, Indiana to Columbus, Indiana, this short stretch of road has become famous not only for the stunning foliage along the trip but also for the attractions along the way. Bloomington is known for its tasty and quaint eateries while Columbus is known for its architecture.

Northwest Illinois

The area in Northwest Illinois between the Mississippi River and Rockford offers the epitome of Midwestern beauty. Mississippi Palisades State Park provides impressive views of the river. Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park is a fun destination too. Visit Lowden Memorial to see the beautiful The Eternal Indian (aka Black Hawk) statue.

Covered Bridge Tour

Parke County, Indiana features 31 historic bridges. Many of the bridges date from the 19th century and are still in use. Midwest Living notes how bridges are “especially charming nestled amid fall foliage.” Routes are marked in the county to make it easy to explore the bridges.

Try to make some time to get away this fall. The cool temperatures combine with the vibrant reds and yellows and oranges of the changing foliage to provide the perfect backdrop to a relaxing, rewarding road trip.

Upcoming Events in Illinois Valley

After recently experiencing the wrath of devastating tornadoes, it’s time to look forward to happier days and times. There are some upcoming events in Illinois Valley that will help out surrounding families and also a time that the whole family can enjoy.

The National Letter Carriers: Stamp Out Hunger food drive will be happening this weekend. With the motto, “fill a bag, feed families,” it’s all about giving back to those around us who struggle with hunger. The event will benefit the Illinois Valley Food Pantry. If you want to participate, simply leave any non-perishable food items that you want to donate on your porch or near your mailbox tomorrow. If you have a post office box, you can drop off donations at the General Mail Facility in LaSalle.

The Illinois Valley Food Pantry serves 725 families each month and this food drive provides them with enough food to support each family throughout the summer. With kids on summer vacation, they don’t receive breakfast and lunch from school anymore, so the food drive is vital to make sure there’s enough to feed everyone. Items that are always needed include cereal, mac & cheese, canned fruits and veggies, soup, peanut butter, baby food and boxed potatoes.

Later this month will be the Easter Seals of LaSalle & Bureau Counties 35th Annual Celebration Telethon. It will take place on May 17th from noon to 4 p.m. at Skydive Chicago. It will be a fun afternoon filled with music, food, face painting, a magician, and games. It will also be a celebration for donors and volunteers who give their time, money and skills to support the children in LaSalle & Bureau Counties. If you want to join in and help support the children Easter Seals support, there will be an event called “Jump for Easter Seals” in which you volunteer to skydive.

The two events above are a great time to do something fun with your family, while giving back to the local community! If you want more upcoming events in Illinois Valley, click here.

Scam Alert: Thieves Targeting Senior Citizens

One of the most recent scam and theft alerts put out by Peru police involves thieves targeting senior citizens. The scam plays out with two or more people. One person will knock on the door and try to draw the resident away for one reason or another. A second person will then enter the empty home and take money, jewelry, and identification papers. “These offenders often prey on the more vulnerable people in our communities. In both cases, the women were widows living alone. Our greatest concern is for the burglary to end in tragic violence,” said Peru Police Chief Doug Bernabei. “We are asking that people tell friends, family and neighbors to be vigilant and call 911 anytime someone thinks they see something out of the ordinary.”

The suspect is described by victims as a white male, five foot, eight inches tall, with a scruffy five o’clock shadow. He was wearing a dark hoodie, hood over his head, blue jeans, and work boots at the time of the reported incident. He spoke English with a middle European accent and smelled of cigarette smoke. If anyone approaches the door and attempts to draw you or an elderly neighbor from the residence, shut the door and call the local police immediately.

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