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From Solar to Electric: Vehicle-to-Building Technology

vehicle-to-building technology | Coronet Mitsubishi blogPartnering with Hitachi and ENGIE, Mitsubishi recently developed a new use for electric car batteries as a power source for office buildings. This system allows a car to not only charge from a building, but also to discharge energy. It can even work with solar panels and external storage systems to provide greener energies to areas that don’t traditionally have access to alternative energy methods.

According to Mitsubishi, vehicle-to-building technology is anticipated to provide an important role in cutting carbon emissions, as it allows many companies to lower the cost of energy. Basically, some buildings that use solar panels provide more energy than they need at certain points in the day. Using the V2X charging system that Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and ENGIE created, electric cars can store that energy and discharge it when necessary.

“This project demonstrates how our IoT and digital capabilities can help customers make buildings energy-neutral, increasing their energy efficiency and reducing costs, by optimizing EV charging infrastructure,” said Ram Ramachander, Chief Digital Officer at Hitachi Europe. “Our technology can also help to create new business cases across the EV value chain, including vehicle to grid technology, which enables flexibility with their energy distribution”.

Each of the three companies plays an important role in this new charging system. Hitachi manufactures the V2X charging system, with allows for what’s called “Bi-Directional Charging.” ENGIE develops Smart Buildings with solar panels and other renewable energy sources, and Mitsubishi provides vehicles like the Outlander PHEV SUV to store extra power. Here at Coronet Mitsubishi, we’re excited about the role our vehicles are playing in this exciting new technology!

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