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Mitsubishi Final Evolution X Concept Debut Happens in Tokyo

Mitsubishi lovers everywhere are experiencing a bittersweet moment. The Japanese carmaker has finally introduced the final Evolution X concept to the world, and it’s a beauty. The Mitsubishi Final Evolution X concept debut, which happened at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month, showcases exactly why so many people love the Evo. With a combination of more horsepower, a better suspension, and a variety of features, the final concept Evolution might just be the best one yet.

The newest Evo X is based on a five-speed GSR, offering a 2.0-liter engine that churns out 473 horsepower after an ECU tune and a new HKS turbo. Helping the car perform even better are larger intakes and intercoolers, an upgraded cooling system and exhaust, along with an adjustable suspension. The concept car is finished off with a bit of matte and gloss black paint and chrome trim, adding a menacing feel to the car.

With these features, there’s no denying the Evolution will go out with a bang. To see the model’s last hurrah, you will have to wait until next June. Until then, stop into Coronet of Peru and give our models a test drive.

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