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More Details Revealed about Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Special Action

Before the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution takes a bow and disappears backstage forevermore, it will give one last show of talent—one last memorable flourish. Mitsubishi is calling it the Special Action. This exclusive edition will show the world just how special the Evo really was, and that Mitsubishi really does care about the fans of the superb performance sedan.

What exactly the Special Action will entail is mostly unknown, but it is on a lot of people’s minds. It certainly is here at Coronet of Peru. This curiosity was clearly evidenced during a Q&A session at Jalopnik involving Executive Vice-President of Mitsubishi North America, Don Swearingen. AutooMobile tells us “one of the more popular questions that the fans wanted to ask is what can to expect from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Special Action.”

Probably most important to interested parties is that there will only be 200 of these bad boys released. Swearingen also explained the Evo Special Action “will come in with an engine that have been upgraded to produce more power and will be mated to a GSR five speed transmission.”

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