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Mitsubishi’s First Production Model Remade

There aren’t many automakers that can claim to be a whopping 100 years old, but Mitsubishi certainly can. The Japanese automaker started operations in 1917, with a car that saw a very short production run. Now, a century later, Mitsubishi’s first production model is getting a new powertrain and modern technology as a celebration of the anniversary.

Mitsubishi's First Production Model - Coronet Mitsubishi - Peru, IL

The 1917 Model A saw a production run of just 22 units and marked the Mitsubishi brand’s entrance into the automotive industry. As the first model on the Japanese automaker’s lineup, it only makes sense to recreate it in time for the 100th anniversary celebration.

The custom Model A will be built by West Coast Customs and will feature original looks with a definitive technology upgrade.

The original 2.8-liter four-cylinder engine produced just 35 hp and wouldn’t keep pace with even the slowest competitors on the modern road. The new Model A will feature a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine mated to two electric motors, otherwise known as a hybrid powertrain.

The new Mitsubishi Model A will most certainly be a top attraction for the brand’s centennial. While just 22 units wasn’t much, it was enough to launch the Mitsubishi brand into becoming one of the most value-oriented automakers of the modern age.

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